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Learn to scuba dive

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As the next step in Sub-Aqua activities or for older scouts and leaders, SCUBA diving is a unique experience.

All students must complete a medical declaration form. For students under the age of 18 medical declaration and parental consent form must be completed before any training. The minimum age for most SCUBA sessions and courses is 13 years, provided they are able to handle the equipment, and all students must be capable of swimming at least 50m.

Here are the options we can provide for SCUBA diving…

Scuba Try Dives

A try dive is the best way to experience what it is like to scuba dive. The whole dive is completed in one evening. We start with some time in the classroom where we will introduce all the equipment, from mask and fins to regulator and Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), and basic skills. When we move into the pool, you will have the chance to experience breathing on the SCUBA unit. Typically, the pool session is split into 30 minutes of Snorkelling and 30 Minutes on the SCUBA unit. During this session, our instructors will help you get to grips with the underwater world and the use of the SCUBA equipment. A try dive session meets the standards required of the Scouts Water Activities Badge.

Due to instructor ratios these session work best with up to 6 students. If your group is larger than this, we recommend spreading the group over a few weeks. Please get in touch to discuss how best we can accommodate your group’s needs.

‘Try Dives’ are priced at £15 which covers the pool, air, equipment and classroom hire.

BSAC Diver Training Programme

As a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), LSSAU can offer a range of diving qualifications and courses accredited by the BSAC, the world largest dive club. BSAC qualifications are internationally recognised and can take you from novice to ‘Advanced Diver’ and beyond. All of these courses are designed to introduce you to new skills and experiences to allow you to master the skills you need to enjoy your diving in the safest possible way.

The first step on the BSAC diver training programme is the ‘Ocean Diver’ qualification. The course is designed as the first step for new divers and will cover the basic skills and knowledge you need to get started, safely, on your SCUBA journey. This course can usually be completed in 6 classroom and pool sessions on our regular Thursday night meeting nights (plus a series of short theory tests). These are then followed by 5 open water dives (usually spread over 2 days at Stoney Cove). While this is a typical timeline for completing the ‘Ocean Diver’ qualification, our instructors will work at your pace to ensure you are able to master the skills, gain the knowledge and, most importantly, enjoy your diving.

After qualifying as a BSAC ‘Ocean Diver’, you may choose to take you skills and knowledge further. The next step along the diver training programme is the ‘Sports Diver’ qualification.

The ‘Sports Diver’ course is designed to build your experience of diving in different conditions while developing your skill set. This course is made up of 6 theory sessions which will build the knowledge you need to extend you diving experience followed by a theory assessment. With more of a focus on open water diving experiences, this course has just the 1 pool session which is followed by 5 open water dives. Due to the nature of the course, this will usually take longer to complete however, we find, a diving season (Spring, Summer, Autumn) is normally enough time to gain the experience and master the skills required.

The next step along the diver training programme are ‘Dive Leader’, ‘Advanced Diver’ and, should you wish to push yourself to top, ‘First Class Diver’. All 3 of these courses focus on gaining experiences of different conditions, organising safe diving and recue management. The first 2 can be achieved within LSSAU however ‘First Class Diver’ is ran and assessed by BSAC centrally.

Although we may be able to begin pool and theory training earlier, Scouts wishing to learn to SCUBA dive must be a minimum age of 13 before progressing to open water. To ensure student safety, LSAAU may decide to delay going open water with some students. This is so we can ensure they have the appropriate level of knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy their first open water experience safely and without deterring from continuing their training.
LSSAU also welcomes qualified divers from other agencies (such as PADI, GUE, SAA and many more). You can either come and join us on your current qualification or we can offer cross-over courses for your appropriate level.

For requirements and approximate costs please contact us at: info@scubascouts.co.uk and for more information regarding BSAC diver training programme please visit the BSAC website.

As well as the BSAC diver training programme, LSSAU are able to offer a number of skill development courses (SDCs) and provide you with the support and opportunities you need to become a qualified Snorkelling and/or SCUBA instructor yourself. Some of the SDCs we are able to offer include…

Boat Handling – This is a great course that will introduce you to the safe handling of our 2 Rigid-Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and give you the knowledge you need to get safely and successfully to and from your dive sites. Not only is this a great tool to have as a diver, it is also great fun! This makes it one of the most popular SDCs for our members. After gaining some experience after your Boat Handling course you may go on to be assessed as a Diver Coxswain by the BSAC.

Chartwork & Position Fixing – This course provides an introduction to the art of marine chartwork and tidal predictions. Ideal for those looking for wrecks or new dive sites.

Lifesaver Award – Very much as it says on the tin. This course looks at diver rescue, first aid and basic life support alongside what is already covered in the diver training programme.

LSSAU are always looking for new members to join our friendly and welcoming unit. If you are interested in any of the courses or sessions above or wish to join our ranks, please get in contact.

Start your scuba diving training!

Learning to dive with Leicestershire Scouts Sub-Aqua Unit is fun and great value. For many learning to dive starts with a Try Dive, why not take the plunge yourself to try it out?

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