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LSSAU has all the equipment and expertise needed to take you from your first ‘Try Dive’ all the way to internationally recognised BSAC Diver qualifications that are acceptable with dive centres worldwide.

LSSAU has, predominantly during the summer months, regular weekends away at a variety of UK coastal dive sites. It also aims to have an annual week-long expedition in the UK or abroad.
LSSAU has two Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boats, or RHIBs, that are used to get to and from the dive sites and to provide surface cover when the divers are diving. In addition to having instructors with internationally recognised diving qualifications, LSSAU also has qualified boat handling instructors who can help you become proficient as Diver Coxswain boat handlers.

With the Scouting ethos of being open to all, we are able to achieve this at a fraction of the cost of other commercial centres.

Still interested?

Then do take a look at our Scuba & Snorkelling sessions and courses for further information.
Better still, arrange to come for an Experience Snorkelling session or Try Dive as an individual or small group at the Lutterworth Sports Centre where we meet alternate Thursday at 18:30hrs.

Scouts, Guides, why don’t you give it a try?, Leaders and helpers, why don’t you let Scouting give you something in return for all the hard work that you do for the benefit of others.

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